Choices of Type of Interments

There are several types of burials available in Cemetery District 10 which includes the Lynden Cemetery and the Greenwood Cemetery.

The deceased is interred in a casket which is placed in a concrete outer burial container. A memorial marker is provided by the family and installed at the direction of the commissioners.

There are several options available for the burial of cremains.

Cremains maybe placed in a casket and buried in the ground or placed in an urn and buried near the memorial marker on the same plot. Cremains may be an appropriate option if loved ones have differing ideas about burial.

Urn Garden at the Greenwood Cemetery. Urns with cremains can be placed along with a small marker in the Urn Garden. There are meditation benches placed in the garden for those who would like to sit and spend time for reflection and contemplation.

The Scatter Garden at the Greenwood Cemetery where the cremains of loved ones may be scattered among the flowers.

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